Brandon Sun Collective Agreement

The Brandon Sun, based in Manitoba, Canada, recently announced that a new collective agreement has been reached between the newspaper and its unionized employees.

The agreement, which was ratified on June 12, 2021, provides for a two percent wage increase in each year of the three-year agreement, as well as improvements to employee benefits and vacation entitlements.

In addition to these financial provisions, the new agreement also includes language aimed at improving workplace culture and promoting diversity and inclusion. This includes a commitment to unhindered communication between management and staff, as well as the creation of a joint diversity committee to address issues related to discrimination and harassment.

The Brandon Sun has a long history of collective bargaining, with its first unionized contract dating back to the 1940s. The paper`s current union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA), represents a variety of employees, including journalists, photographers, and administrative staff.

The new collective agreement comes as the Brandon Sun, like many newspapers around the world, faces ongoing challenges related to declining readership and advertising revenue. Despite these challenges, the paper has remained committed to providing quality journalism to its readers and maintaining strong relationships with its employees.

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Overall, the Brandon Sun`s new collective agreement is an important development for both the paper and its employees. As the newspaper industry continues to evolve, it`s heartening to see organizations like the Brandon Sun working to maintain fair and equitable working conditions for their staff.

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